Saturday, September 3, 2011

Another year past, another year to look forward to

So today, I celebrated my 31st birthday.  Wow!  I am 31-years old.  I gotta say, it doesn't feel like it sometimes.  Some days I feel younger, and then there are days when I feel I'm 20 years older.  The past year has brought so many changes and challenges.  I had Sam and then we moved.  Through it all, God has blessed me with good health and lots of help:  a loving husband, family, and friends.  Though I feel like i'm starting a new here in Virginia, I have never felt more love and support.  And Sam, the greatest blessing i've ever received, he brings me immense joy that even on my worst days, I'm never lonely.

This year, my birthday was extra special.  No fancy dinner, no elaborate celebration, just a simple dinner made by Josh, a store bought pumpkin cheesecake for dessert.  But what made it extra special is the love that I got today.  Yeah, Sam didn't let me sleep in and almost cost me a front tooth, but that boy gave me smiles, and kisses, and hugs.  And Josh, he gave me the best gift:  more time off from Sam.  And of course a gift certificate for a mani and pedi.  I love that he knew what I would love to have right now, that although it's not expensive (compared to birthday gifts I received in the past from him), that it actually means a lot more.  Most of all, I got to spend my entire day with my boys.  To all those who greeted and remembered me on my special day, thank you very much.  

As for settling down, we finally have a couch, and it's awesome.  God blessed us with a nice 55 inch TV as well.  Josh's friend was selling his TV and gave us a great deal for it.  God really knows our needs, or wants for that matter.  Soon we should be able to entertain friends.  I told Josh though that until all the boxes in our basement are unpacked and put away, we will just have to put off having guests.  I'm a little stickler about it.  I just feel embarrassed showing a messy home to friends.  Soon though.  Very soon.