Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Life is...

As hard as I try, I find it really hard to jot important events and share what has been happening in our lives. During this trip, however, I came to realize something about life. I realize that life... not a race, not a competition of who is better at something or everything. finding your niche; what you are good at and becoming better. learning that you cannot do it all; sometimes, you have to share the load. about forgiveness. You can't live life fully if you have hate in your heart. about loving and caring for someone, regardless of how undeserving you think they may be. living it to the fullest; no regrets.

I also learned and believe that respect is earned. No one is entitled to it. No one has the right to demand it, whether by force or trickery.

This is what I learned.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

February 2013

It has been a busy February and I can't believe it's already March. Before you know it, it's my birthday, then thanksgiving, Christmas, then Sam is 3. Sometimes, I wish life has a brake or a stop light. I want time to stop, if only for a minute so I can inhale, digest, and savor the moment of being an individual, a mother, and a wife.

But of course there's no stopping time. All we can do is enjoy things while they last. This February is the first in three years that Josh and I spent together. Every year on Valentine's day, I can only remember a few where we actually got to spend Valentina's day together. He got me a rather unconventional bouquet this year, but beyond the flowers, I was just glad that he's with me. Sam had a blast with his daddy as well. He got to play and hang out with him. We went to the aquarium where he stared at humongous fishes. He even got his dad to buy him more trains.

Some memories are better left unsaid, but are better shown. So here's some pics of our weekend fun in February:

It's always a joy when we are a complete family. Can't wait to be reunited again.