Sunday, August 21, 2011

Is it really Sunday?

Now that I no longer work, i've been losing track of days.  It's been so busy and hectic lately trying to adjust to East coast time, having Sam start a new routine and adjust to east cost time, and cleaning and making a comfortable home for us, that sometimes I forget the time, day, or date.  I even thought it was still July.  So today I woke up and Josh was still in bed.  Sam was starting to fuss in his crib, and it was only 6:30 AM. Of course his alarm went off (poopy diaper is his wake up call), and so he needed to be changed.  Since he didn't want to settle down, I fed him his breakfast, and I wondered why the parking lot in front of our house is still full.  I realized it's Sunday.  Already!?!!?!

I didn't realize that this is our third weekend here in VA.  The first weekend we were here was a blur.  I don't remember it at all.  The second weekend, Josh went on his monthly drill in Andrews AFB.  And now our third.  So how did we spend this weekend?  Well first off, I gave up my Hawaii license and car tags yesterday.  Virginia DMV has got to have the worst DMV i've ever been too.  Not only was the wait long (first you have to line up to get a number at the information desk where they "make sure" you have all the papers in necessary, then they give you a number and you wait for them to call your number), customer service is non-existent.  The guy(s) that help me were stern and "no-nonsense."  Not even a smile, or "what can I help you with?"  Since i've been waiting, i've already pre-filled my paper work except for the things that I really don't know how to answer.  One of the question was, when did I buy my car.  Heck if I remember!  I know it was September 2006 and so I told him so, but NO!  He wanted the exact date.  So I made up one...well, I think it was close enough.  And then there was the picture taking for my license.  No such thing as "stand there by the white wall."  It's more like "take your picture." So I said, "here?" and so he responds "yes." So I wait and wait for him to take a picture, he kept fiddling with his computer and I started talking to Sam waiting for him to give me further instruction, and then all of a sudden, a flash!  I am very interested to see what the picture will be in my driver's license.  I won't be surprised if I was cross eyed or making funny faces.  So in all, the guy was a total jerk and I hope I won't have to deal with him anytime soon.  The sad part is, I probably will keep a crappy looking license for the next 7 years.

After our CRAZY stint at the DMV, we went shopping in Ikea.  I love Ikea.  It's cheap and they have cheap food, especially their chocolate cake.  I could spend hours there looking at household items, but of course neither Josh nor Sam will allow me.  So we got what we needed (including a late lunch/snack consisting of Swedish meatballs with mash potato, gravy, and lingonberry sauce, plus a slice of chocolate cake) and hopped over to Babies r Us which of course is Sam's favorite store.  We got Josh a jogging stroller and some other necessities.   Then off to home we go.

Today was an equally busy day.  Like I said, Sam was up quite early.  After his breakfast, we decided to go back to bed and watched Nick Jr.  While Sam watched Blues Clues, I ended up falling asleep, and eventually, Sam did too.  We had to scrap our plans of going to church since by the time Sam and I woke up, it was nearly 10 AM.  So instead, Josh decided to finish painting the living room while Sam and I lazily watched more Nick Jr.  Glad we missed Olivia this time.  After Sam ate his lunch, we were off to Target for more shopping, then ended up driving to DC to buy a kitchen cart that we wanted from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  Out of all the 10 stores near our area, they only had the item in DC.  It was a worthwhile trip since we found out that the item was on clearance, I could use my 20% off coupon and I saved $100!  So it was all worth driving...not that I was the one driving.

I realize as I am writing this that all we have been doing is going out to buy "stuff" for the house.  I can't recall doing anything "leisurely" in the past 3 weeks.  I am hoping that in the next 2 weeks that everything will start to settle down.  Our couch will be delivered this Thursday, the living has been painted with the color of my choosing, and the TV will be in place.  Eventually, we should be able to finish painting the dining area, and hopefully unpack the rest of our things.  It's a slow process and it can get a bit frustrating, but I know it will all be done in due time. 

Friday, August 19, 2011

The joys of being a stay home mom and housewife

It's been over a month since I stopped working to be a full time mom to Sam and a house wife.  There are days when I miss working, I miss the mental challenge, being with colleagues and friends, and the financial independence.  Now that I no longer have that, I have to find ways to stimulate my brain and save money.  I'm learning to coupon -- not the extreme couponer that other people are, but I get ecstatic when I save at least $25 at the grocery. I am learning to stick to buying the necessities rather than on the basis of wanting to try it because it's new or because it looks cool.  This is one thing you don't learn in school...I am getting to see the other side of just being a mom and wife.

Now that I am home with Sam, I get to see every change that he goes through.  Just in the last month, he got his two upper front teeth, learned how to sit on his own, and now he is learning to crawl and about to pop two more teeth (he will probably have 6 by the end of this month).  He is also learning to stand in his crib.  His fine motor skills are improving.  He is now able to pick up his snacks using pincer grasp.  He claps when he feels like it and when mommy kisses his lips, he opens his mouth and sticks his tongue out :).  These are little joys that if I was working, I wouldn't be able to see when it first occurs.  I feel really blessed.  

Our house is coming along better.  Today, we received the window shades that we ordered online and Josh has installed them.  We are halfway done with painting the living room and the new carpet is looking nice and clean.  Now if only they would already deliver our couch, the living room will be almost complete.  

Even with our new home and adventures, I still miss Hawaii once in a while.  I miss my family and friends, and i'm sure that Sam misses his grandparents and aunts.  Even though we skype on a daily basis, it's not enough.  Four more months and we get to go back for Sam's first birthday.  Time sure do fly.  I am looking forward to more adventures but in the meantime, I will be cleaning, vacuuming, and decorating this house!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Settle, settle, settle

Two weeks after we get to Virginia and the house and slowly taking shape. Sam's room is partially decorated and his crib and dresser has been put together thanks to Hubby.  We have our bed now and tonight will be the third night that we've been sleeping on it.  Sam has been doing well on his crib as well and he has been better at sleeping.  If only he could wake up a little later in the morning and everything would be perfect.  The room is painted and today, I finished painting my closet.  Josh has put up the mirror in the bathroom.  One day at a time...and soon this house will actually look good enough to show off (I mean take a picture and post).

Sam and I have not been going out on our own.  Most of our evenings are spent going from store to store buying things for the house.  I do love Home Depot!  I wish I had a lot of money to spare, there's so many more things to update/renovate in this house.  It will be done slowly though.  I'm just glad that we finally have a home we can call our own.  Since it's been hot, we've been eating a lot of ice cream in the last two weeks.  Thanks to coupons, I was able to get some ice cream for cheaper.  However, there is yogurt place here called Nathan's dairy, which is a local favorite, as evidenced by the long line.  Last night, I had mint chocolate with chocolate dip.  It was so good even Sam wanted a bite.  Josh had black raspberry freeze.  It was delish!

Despite our busy days and crazy nights, I still miss home.  This is my home now, and that will eventually become permanent once I get my Virginia license.  I am with my loves, but there are certain things that I miss about Hawaii.  Aside from my family, I actually miss work sometimes.  Don't get me wrong, I love spending the entire day with Sam, but sometimes, I would like to get a break from him too.  Work was my escape from going crazy when Sam gets a little too much to handle.  But now, I have to learn to be 10 times more patient with him.  I miss being able to ask my family to watch Sam while I run to the store, now I have to take him with me everywhere.  I don't miss the stress though.  I do miss having a pay check and going shopping.  LOL.  Oh well.

Tomorrow is shopping day.  Sam eats A LOT! and drinks a lot of milk, which is good since he is a growing boy.  I am cooking a lot more than I have ever done in the past.  Josh insists that he likes my cooking...I remain skeptical of my own abilities.  They are edible, and our stomachs have been okay so I guess it's okay.  I am learning to make balanced meals...meat, starch, vegetables, and fruits.  I just need to learn to drink milk.  All in all, our lives are starting to take form here.  Who know, we might actually like it and stay here for good...maybe.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Messy messy house

It's been a week since we got here.  It's been busy and having been tired from traveling for about a week and a half, it's been really hard trying to get things done.  It doesn't help that Sam's sleeping pattern has been off, and he seems to be a bit fussier since he's also adjusting.  It has been difficult but eventually, this house will become a home.  The main thing is, we have a mattress, we have a crib for Sam, and we have each other.

The weather has and cool.  It was very hot when we got here with temperature in the 90's.  Yesterday, it didn't make it to 80.  Today, I don't know, I haven't gone outside.  But today is a day of rest, at least from house work.  I have been trying to clean and fix our house every single day since we got here.  So far, the only decent place is the pantry and kitchen.   Our dining table is passable, at least we can eat on it.  You don't want to come to our living least not yet.  We have yet to get a couch, an entertainment center, and of course decorate.  Sam's Papa Scott will be visiting in a couple of weeks so I guess we'll have to clean the guest bedroom and furnish it as well.  Josh has his reserve drill this weekend so that leaves me and Sam to continue to clean up the house.  It will be all done in time.

So Sam has 4 teeth now, 2 in the bottom and 2 on top.  He's attempting to crawl now and at 7 months and 1 week, I hope he does soon.  We're working on his pincer grasp and he's been doing well.  Now, if only he can learn how to sign "more" instead of screaming his head off when he hasn't had enough fruit.  He eats really well and is finally improving on his milk intake...I guess since his gums feel better.  I guess I better end this before Sam drops everything that matters.