Tuesday, April 23, 2013


March 27 - Return to VA from hawaii

April 6 - Started our drive to Florida.  Stopped in North Carolina to visit the Gable family.

April 7 - Continued our drive to Florida.  It took about 12.5 hours including stops.

April 12 - Drove back from Florida.  We drove through the night and it took about 17 hours to get back home.

April 18 - Drove to Oklahoma.  It took 2 days to make it to Tulsa.

April 20 - Grandpa Reel's funeral

April 21 - Drove back to VA

April 22 - Arrived in VA

We had an entire month of craziness.  But it was great to see family and friends.  I hope the next few months will a bit more stable.  Sam is feeling the craziness, and in turn is driving me up the wall.  I think we all just need a little stability right now.