Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall is here!

Time went by so quickly I can't believe fall is here.  I was just observing last week how the leaves are starting to turn, and yet it was still warm and humid.  Up until noon yesterday, it didn't feel like fall.  Then all of a sudden, the cold front arrived with all its wind gusts and cold fury.  To someone who's lived in VA most of their life, 50 degrees is mild.  To someone who grew up in 80 degree weather all year long, 50 degree is freezing.  I love fall though, and I do like the cold better than the hot weather.  It's much more fun to get warm and cozy, drink hot chocolate or apple cider.  Fall makes me look forward to Halloween (which I don't really celebrate), carving pumpkins (which my husband loves to do), going to pumpkin patches, or going apple picking, etc.  And then there's thanksgiving, then Christmas.  And then, a new year begins.

The fun thing about fall are the festivities.  This weekend, we had a great time going to the Fall Jubilee in downtown Manassas.  Sam loved the ride and we were just happy to see him have a good time.  He was really excited on the way to the festival, not even knowing what to expect.  He was all smiles and it just warms my heart.

He rode this dinosaur ride 3 times!
After church today, we had the opportunity to ride the commuter train to Clifton, VA to their fall festival.  Sam loves trains and he was crazy, out-of-his-mind excited to ride on it.  When we got to Clifton, he didn't want to get off the train and even threw a fit about it.  Once he was calm, we were able to walk around, and even have some fresh kettle corn.  We rode the train back and Sam was content and so tired from all the excitement that he fell asleep on our way home.

Inside the train on the way to Clifton

Walking around (or running) at the festival
This weekend has been a busy one, full of family activities.  Our lives have been hectic, but I am grateful for this moments, and I will never forget that unbridled joy in Sam's face when he gets to spend time with his dad.