Friday, August 31, 2012

Home sick

I've been back home for a little over a week now.  Since I had surgery, my parents thought it would be a good idea for one of them to accompany Sam and I back home; and so my Dad came back with us.  It was such as blessing having him help me through the 9.5 hour flight.  I don't think I would have handled Sam by myself.  Sam has grown and has become a lot more active (even in his sleep!).

The past weekend, we took Dad sightseeing in DC.  He was particular about the places he wanted to see.  The rest of the time, he spent fixing our house.  He's going back to Hawaii tomorrow, and with him leaving, I feel like a part of me is leaving too.  The first time we left Hawaii to move to Virginia, I don't remember feeling home sick.  Sure I was sad to leave my comfort zone, my home, my job, my friends....practically my life, to start anew with my own family.  When we visited earlier this year and came back last March, it felt like coming home.  But this time, it felt harder.  I've always known that having your family around is great.  Having help with Sam is awesome because I can get breaks especially when i'm just too tired to deal with his orneriness.  Most of all, I think that I feel the way I do because of Sam.  I saw the sadness in his eyes when we left Hawaii this time.  He's happy at home...but his joy was different when we're in Hawaii.  Maybe it's because we're surrounded by family; whereas here in Virginia, it's just Sam, Mommy, Daddy, and a handful of friends.  Dad coming with us made it a bit easier, but with him going back tomorrow, I feel this overwhelming sadness.

Papa and Sam at the WWII Memorial with the Washington Monument in the background
I am hoping that Sam and I will adjust easily and go back to our old routines.  I am grateful for the time that we spent with family and hope that we will have the opportunity to do so again.