Sunday, January 4, 2015

2014 In Review Part 2

Fall came quickly for me this year. It's poignant because it's our last fall here in VA. It was exciting because of Josh's many achievements. He finally finished his second Master's degree, which allowed him more time to allot to us. At the same time, he was promoted to Chief in the navy reserves. I actually got to go to my very first navy (chief) ball.
Grandma Barbara and Grandpa Steve came to visit us for a few days. We spent a day in Shenandoah, taking in the sights, and enjoying each others company. It's nice to have family around, since it's a rare occasion for Sam to get to see his Grandma and Grandpa. Not for lack of wanting, but the distance is definitely a huge deterrent for us to get together.
Halloween is probably one of Sam's favorite holidays. He can dress up, carve/decorate pumpkins, go to the pumpkin patch, and of course, eat tons of candy. This year, he chose to be spiderman. He spent maybe a half hour collecting candy around the neighborhood, then came back home to devour them. He was also an active participant of decorating the pumpkin. He still thinks the inside of it to be gross, but he was actually able to tolerate it more than last year.
This year, we were able to spend thanksgiving in Hawaii. It was a nice time to see family, eat a lot of delicious food, and just relax. Josh and I were able to spend some much needed couple's time and eat the food that we miss from home. Before I knew it, the onslaught of Christmas Holiday was around the corner. No matter how hard I try to shop and be ready for the season before the craziness begins, I always find myself procrastinating. Times like this when the Christmas shopping and gift wrapping becomes a bit too intense and stressful, I find myself reminding myself constantly that Christmas is not about the gifts. It's about Jesus' birth, and the sacrifice that He came to do for us to be saved. Despite the craziness of the holidays, we had a lot of fun. Josh and I decided to spend our Christmas gift from my parents and took Sam to the Christmas town in Busch Gardens. The joy, excitement, and fun that Sam had is much more than any gift we could ever get. That, and Josh got his gluhwein. So all is good in the world.
A few days after Christmas, Sam turned 4. It's hard to believe that he is 4. I wonder where the time has gone. And though there were so many challenging days where I wondered if I will keep my sanity, there were so many days more when I am grateful that we have been blessed to be his parents. Being a parent is magical when you see your child grow. My prayer is that he grows up to be a God-fearing and responsible child. Nothing more.
2015 is here. This year poses a lot of changes and challenges. Josh and I decided that this is the time to go back home to Hawaii, to be closer with family, to start anew. It is hard to move again; to leave the life that we have built here in VA. It is difficult to leave the friends we've made, some of whom have become family to us. But it's also another beginning, another part of our sojourn. As much as I fear it (and I am having anxiety attacks about it), I know that it is the best. Before I know it, the worst will be over. So here's to 2015 and the journey we are about to have!

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